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The FIMAP laboratory is part of the Institute of Materials (IMX) at EPFL and pursue fundamental and applied research in the field of photonic devices and fiber technology. In particular, at the heart of our research is the development of innovative materials processing approaches, as well as novel device architectures, to realize micro- and nanostructure-based photonic devices to be deployed over unconventional substrates (large area, 1D, flexible, stretchable, etc..). Two major approaches are favored: one relies on innovative combinations of nano-imprinting strategies of polymer and sol-gel layers, with thin-film deposition techniques to realize multi-material nanostructured photonic systems over large area substrates. Another approach explores the emerging field of multi-material fibers where materials with a wide range of functionalities such as optic, optoelectronic or acoustic, can be integrated in precise nanostructured arrangements within thin, flexible and very long fiber substrates. While we study the fundamental aspects of the material processes at play in our different fabrication techniques, as well as the optical and optoelectronic properties of our devices, we also try to exploit our discoveries to propose new solutions in different fields of application such as energy harvesting, saving and storage, sensing and monitoring, health care and smart fabrics.



  • 18/02/2019 Tapajyoti Das Gupta publish a paper in Nature Nanotechnology: Self-assembly of nanostructured glass metasurfaces via templated fluid instabilities. Nature Nanotechnology news & views can be found here. And EPFL news on this work can be found here. Congratulations, Tapa!!!
  • 15/02/2019 Federica Sordo’s paper is published in Advanced Materials: Microstructured Fibers for the Production of Food. Congratulations, Fede!
  • 01/01/2019  Dr. Rajasundar Chandran is joining FIMAP as a postdoc. Welcome!
  • 09/10/2018  Wei Yan’s paper is published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C: Direct Synthesis of Selenium Nanowire Mesh on a Solid Substrate and Insights into Ultrafast Photocarrier Dynamics. Congratulations!
  • Prof. Fabien Sorin received the Polysphere of STI 2017-2018 for excellence in teaching from the AGEPoly, according to EPFL student votes. Congratulations!
  • 02/10/2018  Andreas Leber successfully passed his Candidacy exam. Congratulations!
  • 01/10/2018  William Esposito is joining FIMAP as a new PhD student. Welcome!
  • 11/09/2018  Wei Yan’s paper is published in Advanced Materials: Advanced Multimaterial Electronic and Optoelectronic Fibers and Textiles. Congratulations!
  • Prof. Sorin receives the 2017 Crédit Suisse Award for Best Teaching ! See EPFL news here.
  • Prof. Sorin receives the QIAN Baojun Fiber Award for young scholar.
  • 01/09/2017 Andreas Leber is joining FIMAP as a new PhD student: welcome!
  • Wei Yan ‘s paper “Semiconducting Nanowire-based Optoelectronic Fibers” in now on line in Advanced Materials, congratulations !!
  • 17-19/05/2017 A group of us attended the Fiber Society Spring meeting in Aachen Germany. Prof. Sorin organized and chaired a session on “Multimaterial Fibers”. Prof. Sorin gave an invited talk, as well as Wei Yan and Alexis Page.
  • 05/05/2017 Shahrzad Shadman successfully passed her candidacy exam: congratulations!
  • 28/04/2017 Dang Tung Nguyen successfully defended his PhD thesis: he is the first PhD student graduating from FIMAP: congratulations !!!
  • 17-21/04/2017 A group of us attended the syomposium of Advanced Multifunctional Fibers and Textiles at MRS spring 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. Prof. Sorin gave an invited talk. Dang Tung Nguyen, Wei Yan and Alexis Page gave oral presenations. (See picture below)
  • 09/04/2017 Prof. Sorin gave an invited talk on “Multi-material optoelectronic devices” at the SPIE Defense + Security 2017 in Anaheim, California.
  • 01/04/2017 Jean-Loup Skora is joining FIMAP for his internship: welcome!
  • 24/03/2017 Wei Yan’s paper- “Microstructure tailoring of selenium-core multimaterial optoelectronic fibers has been published on-line in Optical Materials Express.It was selected as an Editor’s pick paper: Congratultions!!
  • 24/03/2017 Our paper on touch sensing fibers was highlighted in the JPhys+ News blog !
  • 15/03/2017 Dr. Bastien Schyrr is joining FIMAP as a new postdoc: welcome!
  • 01/03/2017 Prof. Sorin’s work is highlighted in the Special issue for Emerging Leaders of the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.
  • 01/03/2017 Dang Tung Nguyen and Alexis Page paper is published in the Journal of Physics D: APplied Physics: “Multi-material micro-electromechanical fibers with bendable functional domains”
  • 24/01/2017 Dang Tung Nguyen’s paper – “Controlled Sub-micrometer Hierarchical Textures Engineered In Polymeric Fibers and Micro-Channels Via Thermal Drawing” has been published on-line in Advanced Functional Materials. Congratulations!!EPFL-STI news communication can be found here.
  • 17/01/2017 Prof. Sorin receives the Dupont Early Career Grant Award 2016 !
  • 15/11/2016 Inès Richard is joining FIMAP as a new PhD student: welcome!
  • 04/11/2016 Wei Yan receives the Best Student Paper Award from the ACP 2016 conference: congratulations !!